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Dunia kita

Di sini saya nak kongsi video2 lagu yang terbaru dan lama yang masih best dan sedap di dengar…dalam video ni ada siap lirik untuk yang nak layan sambil ikut nyanyi sekali..hehehe…nanti semua video2 lagu itu akan menyusul kemudian..harap korang semua layan dan terhibur dengan video2 lagu tersebut…terima kasih…

       Yang benar,

“hamba ALLAH”

“Kata-kata romantik versi mat salleh”


“A PeRsOn WhO LoVeS YoU,

tRuLy WiLL NeVeR LeT YoU Go

WhAtEvEr ThE SiTuATiOn iS”


“A rEaL ReLaTiOnShiP HaS FiGhTs,

TeArS,LoVe,rEaL fEeLiNgS,

BuT AfTeR EaCh TeAr/FiGhT ThE

LoVe & TrUe fEeLiNgS GeT

StRoNgEr aNd WiLL aLwAyS LaSt.

i LoVe YoU BaBy”


“A ReAsOn i KnOw i LoVe YoU,

HaViNg YoU As’A PaRt Of My LiFe

MaKeS Me tHiNk aLL tHe YeArS 

UnTiL i MeT YoU WeRe To PrEpArE

FoR WhAt LoVe rEaLLy fEeLs LiKe”


“aLL i rEaLLy WaNt iS FoR YoU To

HuG Me rEaLLy TiGhT aNd TeLL Me

eVeRyThiNgS gOiNg To Be aLriGhT”


“AnY PeRsOn CaN SaY tHaT ThEy LoVe YoU.OnLy A FeW WiLL aCtUaLLy PrOvE iY”


“At SoMe pOiNt,

YoU HaVe To rEaLiZe tHaT SoMe PeOpLe CaN StAy iN YoUr HeArT,

BuT NoT iN YoUr LiFe”


“Be WiTh SoMeOnE WhO iS pRoUd To HaVe YoU”


“bEiNg SoMeoNe’As FiRsT LoVe MaY Be GrEaT,

BuT To Be ThEiR LaSt iS BeYoNd PeRfEcT”